eLTER file system

File system introduction


Within eLTER, we are using three online platforms for document storage and sharing: Google Drive, NextCloud and SharePoint. Each is intended for a different purpose, as explained below. To help you to use these storage locations, we have provided a set of Quick Links.

File system usage
Use Google DriveGoogle Drive for files 'in progress' where more than one person needs to edit the file
Use NextcloudNextCloud for completed files that are ready to be shared with the team
Use SharePointSharePoint for any files that are considered strictly internal

Documents are grouped into folders and - as far as is possible - the folder structure is common to all three platforms. Using the Quick Links pages, you can simply follow a link to find much of the material stored on these cloud-based systems.


  1. To find a draft report that you are invited to edit, follow the appropriate link to Google Drive (because 'in progress' files are stored here)
  2. To find the final version of the report, follow the appropriate link to NextCloud (because 'fixed' files are stored here).


How to use

  1. Choose the relevant Quick Links from the list below
  2. Use the Quick Links to navigate to key points within our cloud storage locations. You may need to click further to locate some items. In Google Drive, you can also search for content.


Please note that you may not have permission to access some folders and files. If you cannot access a folder or file and you think you should be able to, please contact .


Quick Links pages