Transnational Access scheme outputs

Outputs related to the eLTER H2020 project's Transnational Access (TA) scheme
D5.2 - TA site brochure, 2016
As the first instalment of the eLTER Site Catalogue, we produced this updated brochure of the 18 Transnational Access sites. Production of the eLTER Site Catalogue was always foreseen as a step-wise process, releasing instalments of the deliverable at intervals, each one a refinement of the previous one. This report explains the production process and the next steps. The brochure of the 18 eLTER Transnational Access sites not only marks a key step towards preparing a full site catalogue by the end of the project, it is also a useful product. *** Note for a version without the deliverable report, see the link below (TA site brochure) ***
TA site brochure
A brochure detailing the 18 eLTER Transnational Access sites

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