11 Rhine-Main-Observatory (RMO) (DE)

Rhine-Main Observatory

eLTER TA site

  • Dominant ecosystem: Small rivers, floodplains
  • Access: 40 km from Frankfurt city and Frankfurt international airport. Access all year round by regular car
  • DEIMS site code: LTER_EU_DE_018

Situated at the fringe of the Rhine-Main area, the second largest metropolitan area in Germany, the Kinzig river divides three lower mountain ranges (Rhön, Vogelsberg, Spessart): this makes the RMO a highly fragmented mosaic of different land cover and land use types, with intensely used areas interspersed with patches of wilderness area. Scientific focus: Research focuses on different habitats in streams and their floodplains, along a gradient of land use intensity, including areas with natural vegetation, agricultural and settlement areas. Long-term changes in land use, climate and other environmental variables and its impact on animal and plant communities as well as on a broad variety of abiotic parameters are investigated. The monitoring program covers these biotic and abiotic parameters in both streams and the floodplain.


Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt (SGN)
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