Networks & sites

About the infrastructure (networks and sites) that make up LTER-Europe

LTER-Europe comprises national networks of research and monitoring sites. Each network is separately governed, but, through their involvement in LTER-Europe, they strive to work together.

There are two categories of LTER research and monitoring locations:

  • LTER sites for ecosystem research and monitoring 
  • LTSER platforms larger areas, often containing nested LTER sites, that support Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research.
Within the eLTER H2020 project, LTER-Europe is collaborating with European Critical Zone Observatories to jointly develop both networks and achieve greater integration.

Research access to selected sites & platforms

Where will your research take you?

The eLTER H2020 project's Transnational Access scheme provides funds to support short research visits to selected LTER sites and LTSER platforms.

Zone Ateliers AlpesLake Maggiore, ItalyAuchencorth Moss, UK


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