Survey: What are the emerging research questions that may become relevant for future ecosystem research infrastructure development?

Survey to help shape the development of ecosystem research infrastructures like European LTER. Closing date: 23 May

Plans for implementing the LTER infrastructure in Europe have been submitted by the eLTER ESFRI initiative and eLTER was recently acknowledged as "emerging ESFRI infrastructure".

The European LTER community wishes to identify the future research needs and related infrastructure & service requirements in order to enable appropriate planning and design of the infrastructure (the research sites, etc.)

Therefore, the current flagship project for the development of LTER in Europe, the eLTER Horizon 2020 project, is conducting a horizon scanning to identify emerging research questions that may become relevant for future ecosystem research infrastructure development. This survey aims at collecting input from experts from different regions and fields of expertise.

You can find the short survey and links to background documents here. The closing date is 23 May 2016.

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